Motorised Rolling Shutter

Motorised Rolling Shutter is highly asked for in the market availability.The rolling shutters motors are used in shops,commercial complexes,power generator rooms and transformer rooms and by Industries on demand.

Motorised Rolling Shutter  UPTO 25 TO 30 Sq. Mtr. Segment.

  • Shutter motors may be available in Indian,China,Italian & European make .Solely depending on customer preferences and on market availability.
  • Motors used are self sufficient and operate on Remote Control Transmitters and on Push-Button Switches.
  • Motors used are durable and steady .Hence,perform noiselessly and intelligently and saves power and effort from manual usage.
  • China Motors in power failures scenarios are fail safe and can be operated by inbuilt chains.
  • Indian Motors in power failure scenarios can be operated by manual gears,chains or by crank handles and may not be fail safe.
  • Special anti drop device and additional magnetic break can be advised on customers demand for Indian Motors.Depending on its availability.

Motorised Rolling Shutter UPTO 81 Sq. Mtr Segment or more.

  • These motors are Indian Make.These drive on worm shaft by chain and vee belt system by use of reduction gear box.
  • These motors are available with Push Button Systems with/without locking arrangements for 3 phase rolling shutters.
  • 3 phase reversing starter may be available which includes interlocking system and overload protection for Rolling Shutters.
  • Limit Switch may be available to cut the current flow and to stop over rolling of shutters.
  • Indian Motors can be installed in special cage on demand and preferences of customers.
  • Indian Motors can be installed on existing shutters in repair scenarios.
  • If special cages are not installed for Indian Motors than bulky fittings will be visible.
  • Indian Motors may or may not be concealed inside hood based on basis of area/space availability or on customers demand.

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